The bronzes

Bronze occupies a very special place, as much in the history of art as in literature. It is the sculpted material offering the most complex suggestions to reverie and imagination.
Sculpture distinguishes itself from all other arts, and bronze is first and foremost a question of material.

Bronze represents the ultimate experience of the laws of material : required space, weight, gravity and equilibrium.
Alongside marble, bronze is the king of materials, the noblest of all, due to the complexity of working with it.

« Airain’s guest, incandescent in the moonlight, stood before him, flamboyant and purple. And suddenly, melting in fusion, (…), a devastating and blinding torrent, the Cavalier d’Airain flowed in his veins. »
Andrei Bièly, op.cit.

Kelli Bedrossian works exculsively with well-known foundrymen, whether in Paris, Italy or Spain. Each bronze is fired in eight original, numbered examples.

One can discover these bronzes at the Felix Marcilhac Gallery, 8 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, or in Kelli’s personal workshop.

Works exhibited at the Felix Marcilhac Gallery

Works exhibited at Kelli Bedrossian’s workshop