Sculptures & Paintings

KELLI BEDROSSIAN is an artist,
She paints
She sculpts ! …


Kelli Bedrossian’s universe is composed of Greek, Armenian, and African goddesses.
Whether painting, or sculpting in bronze, marble or clay, Kelli immortalizes these beings in art deco style, constrasting their angular forms with the voluptuousness of their stylized bodies.

Felix Marcilhac wrote in 2012 :
« Kelli’s sculpted work bears witness back through the years to a sort of stylistic filiation referring to the likes of Gustave Miklos, Jozeh Csaky or Jean Robert-Rucki. As a prolongation of the work of these artists from between the two world wars, she creates a form of sculpture which one could qualify as cubist, if her works did not contain such a manifest emotion, an inescapable beauty, and a perfect legibility, the sole contemplation of which invokes a profound and timeless humanity. »

An initial encounter stirs up in us something softly brutal ; a restrained energy, an evident assumed sensuality, which moves us profoundly.

Kelli Bedrossian has exhibited since 2012 at the Felix Marcelhac Gallery, 8 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, dialoguing with the most renowned decorative and cubist artists of the 20th century.
Kelli is passionate about the discovery of foundries, where the alchemy of fusing bronze gives life to many of her works. In counterpoint to the antique tradition, she works with the immaculate marble of Carrare.

The Workshop

Amidst the vineyards, in the south of France, is Kelli Bedrossian’s workshop. Here reigns a unique atmosphere, which she shares with her sculptures of goddesses and her large polychrome portraits.
Within this space tailored to her needs, Kelli Bedrossian’s dynamic temperament finds it energy.